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    At Grupo Aquamar, we take immense pride in being a family-owned and operated shrimp-producing group with a commitment to delivering premium, sustainable, and delicious shrimp to our clients around the world. 

With a passion for aquaculture, our journey began with a vision to redefine the local shrimp farming industry and create a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. The vision became a reality in 2015 when Grupo Aquamar was founded and started operations in Nicaragua the same year.

Grupo Aquamar is synonymous with uncompromising quality. Our expert team of aquaculture specialists works tirelessly to ensure that every shrimp we harvest is of the highest standard and meets our client’s needs. With a stringent focus on health and nutrition, our shrimp are raised on a balanced diet free from harmful additives, resulting in exquisite flavor and exceptional texture.

Currently, Grupo Aquamar consists of three shrimp farms in the Gulf of Fonseca Region of Honduras and Nicaragua as well as Aqua Exports a shrimp trading company. 

We provide high-quality shrimp to our clients around the world.

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Nestled amidst the picturesque Gulf of Fonseca, a region renowned for its natural beauty and abundant marine life, lie three exceptional shrimp farms operated by Grupo Aquamar. Situated at the crossroads of Honduras and Nicaragua, these farms stand as a testament to our commitment to sustainable aquaculture and the production of high-quality shrimp.
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Aquamar was our first farm and started its production in 2015. Spanning an area of around 105 hectares Aquamar produces approximately 500,000 lbs of the highest quality shrimp per year.  In addition, the proximity to Volcán Cosigüina helps our farm to produce an A4 color naturally.

Camarones del Golfo joined Grupo Aquamar in 2017. It serves as our main farm and currently contributes around 75% of our overall production. It has an area of around 350 productive hectares.  The pool sizes allow our shrimps to be stress-free and acquire big sizes .


Aquapacific is the newest farm of Grupo Aquamar. It joined us this year. The main characteristic of Aquapacific is its high water quality which ensures our shrimp have an environment in which they can thrive. This aligns with our vision to produce shrimp sustainable.

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As a result of our unwavering dedication to excellence, the Gulf of Fonseca shrimp farms have earned a reputation as a premier source of premium, sustainably cultivated shrimp. We achieve this through:

  • A lower-than-usual stock density which allows our shrimp to have more space, be healthier and less prone to diseases.

  • Rigorous monitoring of water quality

  • The usage of special feed, high in nutrition


Grupo Aquamar offers a wide range of premium shrimp products to meet the needs of our clients. Our shrimps are raised in ponds that are carefully monitored to ensure optimal conditions to acquire the highest quality and flavor. We use special feed high in nutrients and free from chemicals, which promotes healthy growth and development.


Our Recipes

Ceviche Aquamar


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